Dating Crises and Suggested Solutions

What's the worst that can happen?

Dilemma #1: Date doesn’t dance.
Everything is perfect. You (of course) look fabulous, the music is superb, the lights are low, and the perfect song comes on. Problem! Your date won’t get out on the floor.
Solution: Don’t freak out, he might not know how to dance. Start him out slow! Begin with a few slow dances, and gradually work him up to faster dances. If he still refuses, just go have fun. Dance with your girl friends.

Dilemma #2: Date can’t keep his hands off of you.
All evening your date lavishes a lot of attention to you. You totally eat up. But after the partying, he still won’t lay off. It gets a little creepy, and he needs to back off.
Solution: Well… you do look great, but this is no reason for him loose respect for you (or control). Just talk to him. He may just be caught up in the whole romance of the evening. Try not to make a scene, but if he still won’t back off, make as much of a scene as necessary.

Dilemma #3: Date hates his picture taken.
Your date arrives at your house and everyone is ready for picture taking. You go to that perfect little picture spot, and show your beautiful smile. Then you look up to see your date with no expression on his face. What to do, what to do?
Solution: Try to loosen your date up, tickle him, or push him in jest. If this doesn’t work, just ask him to smile and act like he wants to go to prom. If all else fails, give him the puppy dog lip and eyes. That always works!

Dilemma #4: Date dances with another girl.
Your guy likes to dance so much that when your feet get tired, and you need a rest he keeps going like the “energizer bunny”. When you sit down and realize he is not following you, you look for him only to find he is dancing with someone else!
Solution: What would you do in his situation? If she is a friend of his, try to be understanding. He is just having fun. But if she is some random girl, or one of those girls that you just can’t stand, get back onto those aching feet and cut in. Don’t be rude about it, but make it obvious that he is yours.

Dilemma #5: Date’s tux doesn’t fit.
Its 24 hours before the big day, and your date goes to pick up his tux. Like a good boy, he tries it on when he gets to the shop. They ordered him the wrong sizes, and everything is way too tight!
Solution: Usually it is just a mix up of orders, and someone else’s tux will be too big, but if the shop isn’t able to do anything about it, try going to another shop if this doesn't work, see if anyone you know has one he can wear.  Or, you might be able to buy one.  Check out the local department store.  Even some thrift shops have inexpensive tuxedos.