Dating: Other Schools


If there isn't anybody in your school you want to ask to the prom, or want to ask you, you may be luckier than you think. Look at your love-struck friends whose grades and performance are suffering because they can't go to their third period class without touching base with lover boy at his locker.

Still, if you feel uncomfortable about going date less: solution! Talk to a cousin, aunt or another family member who doesn't live too near you, and let them know that you are in the market for a prom date. Talk to someone from another neighborhood preferably from another school district. You won't believe how many available dates come out of the woodwork! Aunt Edna will know the cutest boy!


I know, I know, you feel a little on the edge because your date is from the great unknown. You've heard the expression "always look on the bright side"? Here are some of those sides...

1. You don't have the fear of rejection! Nobody but your best friend, sister, cousin, mom, Aunt Edna or whoever fixed you up knows you're even fishing in another pond. So if he blows you off, you won't have to hear about it in school on Monday. He's not from your school or even your world.

2. You can dump him after the prom. You can just go back to your own planet and forget you ever met him. When you're friends ask whatever happened too... you can just tell them the truth; you dumped him. If he dumped you, you can tell them that too. People often say, I dumped him, even if it was the other way around. Steer clear of lying, if you are embarrassed to say you were dumped, just tell them you broke up, or it didn't work. If you get a rep for telling lies, no one will want to believe you about anything. Besides, some people will believe what they want anyhow.

3. There is a certain amount of intrigue and appeal to having a mystery date! You may develop a completely different aura and become more interesting to your classmates!