Advice About How To Get His Attention

Now that you have his attention, you'll have to make conversation.  You also want to get to know him.  Okay he's cute, but do you have anything in common?  Is he good to you? Find out!  Ask him some questions.  Ask him something about him, sports, clothes, art, movies, music, current affairs, even school.  Don't start off the conversation talking about you.  While I'm sure you're very interesting, you want to know about him, don't you?

Remember: even the coolest guys feel insecure about approaching girls; Not to mention asking them out.

It's wise to know that some guys may feel uncomfortable about going to your prom for reasons other than you. Maybe they can't dance, or they think they will look funny in a tuxedo.
He may also be wondering if he can afford all of this. Things can add up... the tickets, limousine, dinner, corsage, photos and who knows what else!
That's why you have to get him talking. Find out if there is anything you can do to help. Then you can get him to ask you to the prom.

You hate his choice of Music, Movies, Sports, or Politics...

You found a guy you would like to get to know better. He's cute and athletic but you notice an ICP sticker on his book bag. You Hate ICP. You think they're repulsive. Don't worry about it. I'm sure there are many ideas and opinions you have in common; find them. No need to zero in on one or two things you disagree on. And don't make the common mistake of pretending to like things he likes just so he'll like you. Besides, once you have him eating out of your hand you can introduce him to music you like...that is if he hasn't got you hooked by then. Remember it is a two way street.