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Our Try at Home program makes it easy to try on dresses at home risk-free.
For only $30, pick your top 3 dresses to try on at home.
Keep the best, return the rest. It’s that simple!

How It Works

1. Pick 3

All color/size combinations that are in stock are up for grabs! Can’t lose when you get to choose. Fill your shopping bag now!

2. Try ‘Em On

No fitting rooms. No problem. Dresses delivered right to your doorstep. You have 7 days to pick your fav(s)!

3. Buy the Best

Tell us what you love and confirm what you're keeping.

4. Return the Rest

When you’re done, drop your package off at FedEx! The $30 fee will be deducted from the purchase price of the dress(es) you keep.