Promposal Contest Now Closed.


Voting for The Mori Lee Promposal Contest ended on April 17th, 2016 at 11:59pm EST. On April 18th, the top 3 promposal submissions with the MOST votes, as well as 3 PromGirl favorites chosen by our team, won a Mori Lee prom dress.

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Winners based on votes

Hollie S.

1. Hollie S.
1,143 votes

"This sweet guy surprised me with an invitation to prom! He even asked me on his birthday so he wouldn't feel like it was all about him!"

Faith K.

2. Faith K.
1,143 votes

"I had a severe car accident in October, suffered a TBI. I'm lucky to be alive. A close friend gave me this for my birthday. #FaithforFaith"

Caitlin K.

3. Caitlin K.
818 votes

"Was outside my window with the blue french horn, just like in How I Met Your Mother, our favorite TV Show!"

PromGirl Faves

Kadyn B.

4. Kadyn B.

"Went skydiving with my amazing bf and as I was coming in for the landing I saw this from the sky!! Of course I said yes!!!"

Merissa R.

5. Merissa R.

"My boyfriend of a year and a half asked me to go to prom by putting it in the local newspaper"

Camryn R.

6. Camryn R.

"Opening day.... Mariners v A's... Mariners may have lost but I won a date to Prom! #onthebigscreen #soldoutcrowd Camryn & Collin"