Will there be Proms in 2021?

Covid Prom 2021: What will it look like?

While prom 2021 may look different from pre-covid proms, at least proms are coming back. Last year, schools across the country were closed and proms were canceled with very little warning. Students were left disappointed and missed out on this monumental event. If you’re lucky enough to attend an in-person prom this year, here are six examples of what you may see different at prom 2021:

1. Face Coverings/Masks:

Each state has executive orders to follow concerning masks, so if your state requires face masks in public then you will probably see face masks at prom 2021. Don’t let your mask be a wardrobe downer - shop stylish formal face masks for prom here! You can pick a prom face mask that complements your prom dress and style.

2. Social Distancing:

Typically, prom is a time to hang out with groups of friends but COVID-19 has added a little obstacle to just how close you can safely be to other people. Depending on your state’s social distancing guidelines your school might require everyone to maintain a certain distance from friends.

3. Change of Venue:

Due to capacity ordinances for social distancing, prom 2021 may have to be moved to a larger venue, or one better ventilated. A giant ballroom sounds really nice, right? Another likely option is prom 2021 being moved to an outdoor venue. Outdoor locations are considered great alternatives with less risk. If you’ve ever dreamed of dancing under the stars this might be your special night, just remember to grab a shawl.

4. Smaller Invitation Lists:

Since venues might have occupancy limits, schools may be limiting the guest lists for prom. Instead of hosting one prom for juniors and seniors like previous years, some schools may be holding two separate dances or only allowing seniors to attend prom this year. Also, a lot of schools are limiting attendance for prom 2021 to only students from that school. So ditch the date from another school and have fun with your besties instead!

5. Modified Food/Dining:

Pre-COVID, a formal sit-down dinner was often served at prom. This year, instead of a formal sit down meal where you typically would be seated closely with your friends and served multiple courses, there might only be snacks that are pre-packaged and individually wrapped for safety. And actually, there is a chance that food might not be served at all due to social distancing guidelines. So, just be sure to get the deets beforehand so you can eat dinner before you go if food won’t be served. No one wants to be hangry at prom 2021!

5. Revamped Dancing/Activities:

If dancing is allowed at your school for prom 2021, yay! Dance your heart out! But, don’t be surprised if they have to divide attendees into groups that take turns on the dance floor or limit the number of people that can be on the dance floor at one time. Also, there may be less slow dances played in order to reduce the amount of close physical contact between everyone there. Unfortunately, some schools may not be able to find a venue large enough for a dance floor or are unable to have a dance floor due to state safety regulations. If that is the case, you might not see any dancing at prom 2021 but schools are trying to provide additional games and activities to ensure everyone still has a memorable prom night!

While prom 2021 may look a little different than proms held in previous years, it is still a once-in-a-lifetime event that you will be so happy you got to have. Whether prom 2021 is in person, a virtual prom online, or something you are doing at home for a personal photoshoot, you still get to find that perfect prom dress that makes you feel special. Wondering how to find your perfect prom dress? Take a look at PromGirl’s Prom Guide for some pointers! Once you find your dream dress, the fact that prom 2021 might look “different” won’t matter. It’s still your prom and you can still have the time of your life.