Accessories: What to Wear with Backless Dresses

1. Use simple accessories

Small shimmering stud earrings and a dash of sparkle at the wrist from a matching bracelet is just enough to complement your look without drawing the eyes away from your backless dress.

2. Choose just one glam piece

When you want more glitz to your look, try to stick with one captivating piece of jewelry to avoid drawing too much attention away from the drama that is your backless dress. A fancy waist belt can help define your figure and dress up the front, or a pair of glittering chandelier earrings can draw the eyes up. A gorgeous back-drape necklace or back-drop pendant will add a little shimmer at your neckline while enhancing the breathtaking effect of the backless design.

3. Keep it clutch

Big and bulky handbags draw attention, so stick with a small clutch-style purse when wearing backless dresses. A small handbag in a neutral shade easily blends in for daytime wear, while a metallic clutch can upgrade your look for a formal evening affair.

4. Opt for the Updo

If you’ve got long locks, why cover up a stunning open-back design by letting your hair down? Go for a style that sweeps your hair up and gives full view of your backless dress.