Quarantined Beauty Routines: What Will Emerge?

Perfect Skin
When we’re not wearing safety masks, we’re wearing our favorite sheet face masks to soothe and hydrate our skin. Since we’ve had some extra time on our hands, our skincare game is now totally on point. We’ll be glowing by the time coronavirus is gone.

Grown-Out Nails
We’ll be in desperate need of a mani/pedi to feel like ourselves again, which means nail salons will have lines out the door!

Hairy Situations
Waxing, who is she? If you’ve been sticking to your waxing, tweezing or shaving routines, more power to you. We’ll be over here with our unibrows.

Quarantine Hair
We’re sorry for the things we attempted to do to our hair at home. Get ready to see lots of grown-out roots, unique hair colors, and experimental haircuts.

Regardless of grown-out nails and messy hair, we’re looking forward to the future that involves spending time with the ones we love the most.