Closed Toe Shoes and Sandals from PromGirl

For the best-looking closed toed shoes and closed toe sandals on the Web look here at Prom Girl. We have a wide selection of beautiful closed toed shoes and sexy sandals for special occasions, the prom and graduation. Make Prom Girl your shoe shop on the Web.

Buy Candice Silver at PromGirl
  • Silver

Candice Silver

$62.00 TU-396
Buy Brittany by Sweeties at PromGirl
  • Black
  • Ivory
  • Nude
  • Silver

Brittany by Sweeties

$53.00 SW-Brittany
Buy Candice Champagne at PromGirl
  • Champagne

Candice Champagne

$62.00 TU-397
Buy Tamara Silver at PromGirl
  • Silver

Tamara Silver

$60.00 TU-415
Buy Bobbie at PromGirl
  • White Satin/Lace


$80.00 TU-382
Buy Johanna Black at PromGirl
  • Black Satin

Johanna Black

$78.00 TU-324
Buy Precious by Sweeties at PromGirl
  • Champagne
  • Silver

Precious by Sweeties

$103.00 SW-Precious
Buy Candice at PromGirl
  • Black


$62.00 TU-514
Buy Dolores by Sweeties at PromGirl
  • Black
  • Champagne

Dolores by Sweeties

$91.00 SW-Dolores
Buy Sally by Sweeties at PromGirl
  • Black
  • Nude
  • Silver

Sally by Sweeties

$51.00 SW-Sally
Buy Honor by Night Moves in Black at PromGirl
  • Black

Honor by Night Moves in Black

$50.00 NM-Honor-Black
Buy Victoria Nude Closed Toe Heel at PromGirl
  • Nude

Victoria Nude Closed Toe Heel

$88.00 YP-502-Victoria
Buy Ann by Sweeties at PromGirl
  • Nude
  • Silver
  • Black

Ann by Sweeties

$43.00 SW-Ann
Buy Lexi Nude Sneaker at PromGirl
  • Nude

Lexi Nude Sneaker

$52.00 YP-514-Lexi
Buy Isla White at PromGirl
  • White Satin

Isla White

$86.00 DY-18811
Buy Tammy at PromGirl
  • Silver


$46.00 TU-545
Buy Glitterati at PromGirl
  • Taupe


$232.00 TU-9000
Buy Lexi Black Sneaker at PromGirl
  • Black

Lexi Black Sneaker

$52.00 YP-515-Lexi
Buy Bella at PromGirl
  • White Satin


$50.00 DY-24612
Buy Fawn at PromGirl
  • White Satin


$58.00 DY-40697
Buy Isla Black at PromGirl
  • Black Satin

Isla Black

$86.00 DY-18911
Buy Chantilly Ivory Closed Toe Lace Heel at PromGirl
  • Ivory

Chantilly Ivory Closed Toe Lace Heel

$84.00 YP-408-Chantilly
Buy Stella Silver at PromGirl
  • Silver

Stella Silver

$50.00 CO-6380S
Buy Tammy at PromGirl
  • Black


$46.00 TU-565
Buy Chandra at PromGirl
  • White Satin


$68.00 TU-321
Buy Blue Shoes by Helens Heart at PromGirl
  • Blue

Royal Blue Heels by Helen Heart

$140.00 HH-168-26-Blue
Buy Stella Gold at PromGirl
  • Gold

Stella Gold

$50.00 CO-6380G
Buy Shakira Nude at PromGirl
  • Nude

Shakira Nude

$120.00 CO-A320N
Buy Josie Closed Toe White Shoe at PromGirl
  • White

Josie Closed Toe White Shoe

$114.00 YP-409-Josie
Buy Katrina Bronze at PromGirl
  • Bronze

Katrina Bronze

$66.00 TU-584
Buy Shakira Silver at PromGirl
  • Silver

Shakira Silver

$120.00 CO-A320S
Buy Stella Black at PromGirl
  • Black

Stella Black

$50.00 CO-6380B
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