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Buy JU-MA-262442i at PromGirl
  • Black
  • Silver

Short Sequin Long Sleeve Dress by Marina

$89.00 $44.00 JU-MA-262442i
Buy Long Sleeve Knit Dress at PromGirl
  • Black/Silver

Long Sleeve Knit Short Dress

$49.00 $24.00 SS-JA22472J288
Buy Short High Neck Dress with Sleeves at PromGirl
  • Ivory/Black

Knit High Neck Dress with Sleeves

$49.00 $24.00 JTM-JD6250
Buy JU-TI-87051 at PromGirl
  • Black

Short Black Party Dress with Sleeves

$59.00 $29.00 JU-TI-87051
Buy MD-D14409TAY at PromGirl
  • Black/White

Short Sleeve Floral Print Dress

$49.00 $24.00 MD-D14409TAY
Buy SS-JA84611JNA at PromGirl
  • Coral

Short Sleeve Suede Shirt Dress

$49.00 SS-JA84611JNA
Buy ZAR-DR-DR20053 at PromGirl
  • Watermelon

Knee Length Dress with Split Sleeves

$119.00 $59.00 ZAR-DR-DR20053
Buy AC-DE21298B at PromGirl
  • Green Print

Short Bell Sleeve Shift Dress

$59.00 AC-DE21298B
Buy MD-D13618AAAA at PromGirl
  • Black
  • Red

Long Sleeved Short Holiday Dress

$69.00 $34.00 MD-D13618AAAA
Buy Black Short Sleeve Fitted Dress at PromGirl
  • Black
  • Royal Blue
  • Navy

Short Sleeve Fitted Short Dress

$69.00 $34.00 CH-2650
Buy ZAR-MA-G30514 at PromGirl
  • Black/Grey

Long Sleeve Cotton Knit Dress

$89.00 $44.00 ZAR-MA-G30514
Buy CH-1178S at PromGirl
  • Red

Short Long Sleeve Party Dress

$49.00 $24.00 CH-1178S
Buy JU-MA-262885 at PromGirl
  • Black

Black Lace Long Sleeve Dress

$79.00 JU-MA-262885
Buy MD-D13434OOL at PromGirl
  • Red

Red Lace Long Sleeve Dress

$59.00 MD-D13434OOL