Are you fair-skinned, olive complexion, dark-skinned? It’s important to note these qualities because they will decipher what type of make-up will best flatter you. Below are the six most common categories. Follow these guidelines to pick the most becoming make-up shades and styles for you.

Yellow Undertones 
For girls with Asian skin tones, it’s best to go with earthy hues. Natural colors will balance any yellow undertones in your skin. Soft browns and bronzes will work best on eyes. There can be a hint of color in your blush, but keep it to warm shades. Lips can be daring, but stick to reds, berries, and other similar shades.

For all of the lovely ladies of color, there are numerous shades which work well with your skin tone to enhance your natural beauty. Warm tones are best with your skin. Try translucent shades of pink, copper, bronze, or berry colors on eyes and cheeks. As for lips, rich, dark colors work well.

For those of you with red skin-tones (and often freckles), it’s best to keep it simple and natural. Allow your own colorful self to shine through. Avoid any colors that may clash with your hair color. Lean toward earthy tones such as brown, gold-based reds, and bronze on your face. Gold on the eyes can be daring and extremely flattering.

Fair Maiden
For those of you with particularly light complexions, stay away from hues which will look overdone and drown out your natural color. Stick with pale shades and avoid dark hues. Pale pinks look good. For something trendy, try translucent white. As for lips, keep it simple. Glosses with a hint of color do nicely.

Bold Brunette
If you have dark hair and fair skin, you have the widest range of make-up choices. Pale colors look fresh, but you can pull off dark colors as well. Earthy tones work on either eyes or lips. Fee