Prom 2013 Tips with FashionWithTy: Break in Your Shoes Video

After finding the perfect prom shoes to complete your prom ensemble, PromGirl Prom Brand Ambassador FashionWithTy suggests breaking them in. There is nothing worse than wearing new shoes for the first time at a big event! You want to be sure you can dance the night away in style!

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Hi guys my name is Tyra also known as Fashionwithty on youtube and today I'm going to be giving you a 2013 prom tip. When you first buy your new pair of shoes wear them around your house so that you get to make sure they're extra comfortable so that when you go to an event they aren't killing your feet. And if you want you can apply a cushion to make sure the shoe is a lot more comfortable around your house also so you can test that out. But other than that if you want any other prom tips for 2013 please subscribe to promgirlcom on youtube or promgirlxo on any other social media site. I'll talk to you guys later, bye.