Prom 2013 Tips with FashionWithTy: Makeup Touch Up Video Prom Brand Ambassador FashionWithTy suggests that you check on the state of your hair, makeup, and dress during prom to make sure you are always looking your best amidst all the fun and excitement!

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Hi guys my name is Tyra also known as Fashionwithty on youtube and today I'm going to be giving you a 2013 prom tip. Now in the middle of prom if you feel like you need to retouch your makeup, go to the bathroom and check your whole face and see if you need some lipstick or lip gloss. Maybe make sure you have some travel size products like here is a travel size mascara or some eyeliner, maybe even a travel size hairspray bottle because you just want to tame any flyaways that may occur during prom. As soon as you're done checking your whole entire face of makeup and hair, make sure not to take too long because you don't want to keep your date waiting. If you want any more prom tips make sure to subscribe to promgirlcom on youtube or follow promgirlxo on any other social media sites. I'll talk to you guys later, bye.