Prom Tips with SweetBeautyX: Prom Skincare Video

View PromGirl Brand Ambassador SweetBeautyX’s tip on skincare for your big night! SweetBeautyX shares why you should avoid using new skin care products too close to prom. PromGirl understands that you want everything to be perfect for your special event so remember these tips before your big night! Your skin should be just as beautiful as your prom dress and nothing can ruin prom night more than an unfortunate blemish on the big day. Pay attention to these tips to ensure that your prom dress is the star of the night.

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Hi guys I'm Emily or SweetBeautyX on youtube you can click right here to see my channel, but my tip for prom season this year is not to try any new skincare routine too close to prom. Because you don't want any break outs on your special day. So make sure to check out and PromGirlcom on youtube.