Prom Tips with Hayleyistcb: Prom Date Tip Video

View the PromGirl insider prom tip from our Brand Ambassador, Hayleyistcb, on how to ensure you're attending prom with a date that will have as much fun as you will.  PromGirl and Hayleyistcb, know you'll have the best time at prom if you go with someone you're comfortable with and can be yourself around. Make sure your date is just as perfect as everything else this prom! Find yourself the perfect prom date to make memories to last a lifetime!

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Hi guys, I'm Hayley Segar or hayleyistcb from YouTube and I'm here at today to share with you guys some of my tips for prom.  So this tip is all about your prom date.  I know that it's though provoking and there's so much anxiety surrounding this topic, but just think about who you want to go to prom with.  Think about who you're going to have the best time with, not necessarily who's going to look the best with you in pictures or who you don't have to worry about the height of your heels with because they're so tall.  Don't think about stuff like that.  Think about who is going to make your prom experience unique and definitely don't be afraid to ask someone.  If you're afraid no one is going to ask you, almost a hundred percent of the shots you're never going to take, everyone knows that one, but it's so true. You can never go wrong just by asking someone and just putting yourself out there.  So think about who you want to go to prom with and make sure you're going to have a blast with them.  So, that's my tip.  I hope you guys enjoyed it.  Thanks so much for watching.  Please comment, subscribe, and check out PromGirl.  Bye.