Prom Tips with Hayleyistcb: Makeup Must-Haves Video

View as Brand Ambassador Hayleyistcb shares some of her makeup must-haves to have you ready for Prom, so you are guaranteed to look your best on your special night. There are so many options on how to do your makeup for prom and PromGirl is here to help you out! Hayleyistcb picks out her favorite makeup brands and essential tools to show you the best choices to compliment any prom dress so that you outshine everyone at your big event!

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Hi guys, I'm Hayley Segar or hayleyistcb from YouTube and I'm here today at to share with you guys some of my must have makeup products for prom. I think the key to having an awesome makeup look for prom is to definitely put your best face forward by using some high end, high quality, long lasting makeup products. So with me today I have some of my favorite products and some of the stuff I actual used for my own prom. The first things I want to talk to you about are primers and setting sprays. Urban Decay is like the king of setting sprays, primers, making your makeup last in the long run. You guys have probably heard of Urban Decay power potion you put this on before you do your eyeshadow and it just primes your eyelids and makes the makeup essentially waterproof. I've literally gone swimming wearing Urban Decay power potion underneath my eyeshadows and my eyeshadows have been perfectly intact afterwards it’s amazing. And of course for prom we want to go all out and I'm sure on a daily basis don't wear falsies, so false eyelashes will definitely help to put your best face forward on the day of prom. Definitely give you that extra pop and people will be like what is so different about her or what looks so different. And it’s definitely the falses that will make the world of difference. This is a twin pack from Ardel, I definitely suggest that you try putting them on ahead of time. Definitely try and figure out if you have to cut the eyelashes before you put them on to get your best fit, stuff like that you want to make sure that they are going to look their best on the day of prom. And then the best glue to help your eyelashes stay is from duo. And you can get it at any CVS it's pretty cheap. This next product is actually a drug store product it's about 6 dollars. Its called rimmel stay matte transparent powder and you put this on after you put on your makeup and your concealer and it just helps take away any shine and helps prevent shine as well. So like I said 6 dollars a great great buy. If you are going to splurge on one makeup item for prom it should definitely be your lip-gloss. This is something you're going to be reaching for multitudes of times during the night and having it be a nice quality and ascetically pleasing is definitely something that couldn't hurt. This is actually by Christian Dior it was about maybe 30 dollars, but its such a pretty nude shade I can use it through the entire year and then just at prom. It definitely did help give that extra umph to my look on the day of prom. So a nice lip balm is definitely essential. And then the last products are the urban decay naked palettes; there is the naked one palette and then the most recent naked 2 palette. And these just contain a bunch of neutral shades that can help create your perfect prom look to match any prom dress. Thank you guys so much for watching and don't forget to subscribe to