Prom 2013 Tips with Hayleyistcb: Hair and Makeup Trial Video

After you have your perfect dress, Prom Brand Ambassador Hayleyistcb suggests that you book your prom hair and make-up trial as soon as possible to plan exactly what you will look like on your prom day — no surprises. We want to ensure you look prom perfect at your event!

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Hi guys, I'm Hayley Segar or hayleyistcb on YouTube and I'm here to talk to you guys about some of my tips for prom. So this tip is going to be all about your hair and makeup, I know that a lot of people choose to get their hair and makeup done at a salon; which is great, but what you want to do beforehand is have a hair and makeup trial. So go to the salon maybe two or three weeks in advance and have a girl do your hair and makeup and you know definitely don't be afraid to give them pointers or what you want done, be as picky as possible and if you like it then you know to use that girl, if not you you're heading right back to square one, trying to find another girl to do your hair or doing it yourself. But just the absolute worst thing that is possible for a promgirl is on the day of prom to get your hair and makeup done and hate it. You don't want that to happen so there is a way to prevent that and thats by getting a hair and makeup trial a few days or a few weeks before prom. So I hope you guys enjoyed my tips, thank you so much for watching please comment and subscribe and check out PromGirl.