Prom Tips With Hayleyistcb: Limo Costs Video

View PromGirl Brand Ambassador Hayleyistcb's prom tip to ensure you're arriving in style to your big event!  PromGirl knows that after buying your prom dress, searching for a limousine for prom can be equally as stressful. Hayleyistcb shows you how to make this daunting task seem easy! Listen to these helpful tips to make your transportation planning a breeze! Hayleyistcb's prom tip is sure to make everything from your prom dress to your ride perfect on prom day.

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Hi guys, I'm Hayley Segar or hayleyistcb on YouTube and I'm here at today to talk with you guys about some of my tips for prom. So this tip is going to be all about the limo and the limo is part of the getting ready process and the getting there process which is just as fun as the actual event itself. So actually what I did for my first prom, my junior was I made the reservations for the limo myself which is a great tip if you don't want to rely on your parents to do it also because I wanted to reserve a cadillac escalade stretch hot pink limo. I don't think a parent would have necessarily been like oh I'll do that for you. So I went ahead and did it myself and had about 19 of my friends chip in, it was about 70 dollars a person. And we got the hot pink limo and it was amazing and it was just so much fun. We looked the coolest out of any of the people there with our hot pink limo. So take matters into your own hands for the limo and definitely have people chip in, thats like a huge tip. Don't rely on your parents to pay for all of it or one person's parents to pay for all of it. Have people chip in, choose the limo that you want, research the limo company definitely. Definitely shoot for the stars and get something really cool like a vintage car to pull up to prom in. You want to look cool you want to maybe match your dress a little bit. Definitely put some time and thought into it and don't just grab a random limo. It really does add to the experience. Thank you so much for watching please comment, subscribe and check out promgirl. Bye.