Prom Tips with Haleyistcb: Corsage

View PromGirl Brand Ambassador Hayleyistcb as she gives you another tip for prom! Your corsage is a key part of your prom ensemble but it’s easy to forget until the last minute so make sure you pick it out ahead of time. Bring your prom date with you to pick out your corsage so you can be certain it matches your dress and accessories. By picking out your corsage ahead of time, you can guarantee that you’ll look prom perfect for your big night!

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Hi guys I'm Hayley Segar or Hayleyistcb on youtube and I'm here today to share with you one of my tips for prom. My tip is to make sure that the boutonniere and corsage for you and your date are planned accordingly. My tip is that you bring your date with you to pick out the flowers and make sure everything matches your dress and that the match each other more importantly and that your date likes them as well. And a lot of girls actually complain about how the corsage feels on their wrists so a tip that I have is to pin the corsage to your purse or clutch as a little accessory. I hoep this helped, thank you so much for watching please comment, subscribe and check out