Makeup How To Video: Cheek Contouring for LA-20971 Prom Dress

PromGirl Brand Ambassador Hayleyistcb teaches you how to get prom-perfect contoured, blush, and highlighted cheeks to match prom dress style LA-20971 for Prom 2013.

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Hi guys I'm Hayley Segar or Hayleyistcb on youtube, here today to share with you some of my tips for getting awesome contoured, blush and highlighted cheeks, so let's get started. So first I am taking a concealer shade, one much darker than my own skin tone and applying that to the hollows of my cheek bones; this is just for some definition and remember to blend this very well. Then I'm taking a bronzer and a little small brush, using it to blend right over that dark concealer color for an added definition effect. Then I am taking a blush; this one is very natural looking but I'm just going to build it up. Then I'm doing my highlight; I'm taking a shimmery base powder and applying that to the apples of my cheeks. Please comment, subscribe and check out