Mori Lee Beaded Yellow Prom Gown ML-91111 Video

View video of Mori Lee prom gown with jeweled beading.  This yellow floor length gown is for the girl who wants a classic look with a bright eye-catching color.

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Hi everyone and welcome back to Prom Perfection 2012. I'm Ilana and I'm here again with Stephanie. Today we're featuring this Mori Lee gown. This prom dress has a strapless sweetheart neckline. It has this really pretty beaded embellishments and it's gathered on the sides and it's a classic prom dress so it's a simple silhouette and it's long and elegant. Today Stephanie accessorized her look with a matching earring and necklace set, a rhinestone bracelet with some pearl accents and a silver clutch. She also has some fantastic glitter pumps. So for makeup we're thinking a natural glow with a light lip. We've seen this look on celebrities like Lauren Conrad, Blake Lively, and Selena Gomez. So Stephanie, do you like this classic look?


Definitely, simple, classic, perfect for prom.


Classic elegance is prom perfection.