Blush High Low Plus Prom Dress BL-9315 Video

View video of Blush strapless high low prom dress.  This persimmon dress features a sweetheart neckline and jeweled floral design that is sure to turn heads as soon as you enter the room.

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Featuring Blush style 9315, a sweetheart strapless dress with a high-low hemline and jeweled floral design available at


Hi everyone and welcome back to Prom Perfection Plus. I'm Ilana and I'm here with Chloe. Today we're featuring this dress from Blush. Not only is it a high-low, but it's in a bright color, which combines two of the hottest trends for prom this year. It has a strapless sweetheart neckline and jeweled embellishments. Today Chloe's accessorizing with all flirty pieces. She has rhinestone earrings, rhinestone bracelets and these really cool glitter heels. Chloe's also holding a rhinestone clutch. A makeup style we would suggest for this look would be a natural look with rosy lips like we've seen on Selena Gomez. For hair we would suggest a romantic updo with a braid like we've seen on Jessica Alba. So Chloe, this is such a trendy dress. Would you wear it to prom?


Of course, I love it because it's very youthful, but yet dramatic.


So, sexy sophistication is prom perfection.


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