Shimmer Animal Print Prom Dress BJ-59445-BJV Video

View video of Shimmer animal print prom dress.  Style BJ-59445-BJV features a cascading ruffled floor-length skirt that will make any special occasion a night to remember.

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Featuring Bari Jay style BJ-59445-BJV a playful strapless print gown with a tiered ruffled skirt available at


Hey everyone welcome back to prom perfection 2012, I’m Ilana and I’m here with Stephanie. Today we’re featuring this great mermaid gown from Bari Jay. This dress features a bold animal print and it’s in a chiffon material. It has a sweetheart neckline these great gems stones in front and a cascading tiered ruffled skirt that going to add some great movement when you’re dancing.  So when it comes to styling this dress you don’t really have to go for a lot of accessories cause this dress obviously stands out on its own. So Stephanie choose some subtle teardrop earrings that are really elegant and this fun ruffled clutch with some rhinestone going down the center she is also wearing ruffles peak toed black pumps. So for this dress a great hairdo would be a messy up-do that we’ve seen on stars like Nicole Richie, Miley Cyrus, and Jay lo. So a great makeup look for this dress would be a soft pink eye shadow that we’ve seen on stars like Rihanna, Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton.  So this dress is sure to turn a lot of heads at prom 2012, don’t you think Stephanie?


Yea I definitely think I’ll make a grand entrance with this one.


So grand entrances are prom perfection.