Brand Ambassador Syndey Segar Invisible crown video

View PromGirl Brand Ambassador Syndey Segar telling us what her invisible crown means during our Seventeen Magazine photo shoot. Sydney is showing off her edgy look in her casual XOXO dress with her studded vest and clutch, along with some fierce jewelry. This look gave Sydney a stand out style that is perfect for any casual event.

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I think that Sydney wears her invisible crown while shooting because she is very good at conveying her punky kind of edgy style through the lens of the camera. Lyndsey how do you think she wears her invisible crown. 


I think Sydney wears her invisible crown by embracing her red hair and uniqueness.


Always wearing my invisible crown means to me is that no matter where I am or who I am with I'm showing confidence, being a leader and I will inspire other girls to do the same. It's important for girls to wear their invisible crown because once one girl shows confidence maybe she'll inspire another girl and its kind of a chain effect. Someone in my life who always wear her invisible crown would definitely be my mom because she taught me everything I know, she's so funny, she always has confidence and she never fails to make me smile. A celebrity that always wears her invisible crown would be Beyoncé, she is just stellar she looks good no matter what, you can tell that when she walks out on stage she just owns the place. For a teen girl who isn't confident and wants tips to be confident I would say just take deep breathes, just stay positive in your self say I can do this and you'll get there. A hairstyle that would look amazing with a crown or tiara would be an up-do like a bun would look awesome. Something that instantly makes me feel confident would be my leather jacket, once I put it on I just get this persona of a tough edgy girl. A prom queen moment for me would be the time I won a fashion merchandising award for my high school and I was one of the select few that got the award. A time that I wish I had my invisible crown would definitely be when i had my braces, it was definitely an awkward time for every girl but I wish I had my invisible crown  then. My favorite outfit to wear my invisible crown with is any outfit as long as you feel confident in what you are wearing you'll look like you are wearing your invisible crown. I'm Sydney Segar and I'm a brand ambassador from PromGirl and make sure everyday you are wearing your invisible crown.