PromGirl Brand Ambassadors Wear Their Crowns Video

View PromGirl's Prom Brand Ambassadors Hayleyistcb, Jordynrebeccaxo, and Sweetbeautyx as they share with you how they always wear their invisible crowns at our 2013 High school photo shoot!  The PromGirl mantra, "Always Wear Your Invisible Crown" is empowering for every PromGirl and is the perfect saying to ensure you are looking and feeling your most confident at prom, homecoming, or any other special event that you attend.  With your dream dress and PromGirl motto, you're set for any event!

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Always wear your invisible crown means to me that its always important to be yourself and to never let anybody else bring you down.


To me always wearing your invisible crown means, is to always be yourself and embrace your uniqueness no matter if you're wearing a prom dress or sweat pants to always have high confidence.


To me always wear your invisible crown means to always be confident and never be afraid to be who you are.