Brand Ambassador Hayleyistcb Invisible crown video

View PromGirl Brand Ambassador Hayleyistcb telling us the importance of wearing her invisible crown behind the scenes at our Seventeen Magazine photo shoot. She has styled her casual XOXO dress to have a classy date night look that helps her feel and look confident for any casual event. 

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Hayley wears her invisible crown because she is fierce and fearless in front of the camera.


The way that I think Hayley wears her invisible crown is to just not care what anyone thinks and just strutting her stuff every day of her life.


So to me always wearing your invisible crown means to always be classy no matter what you're wearing and to hold yourself with grace poise and elegance and to always be yourself.It's important for girls to always wear their invisible crown because that gives you the courage to be who you are, stand up for whats right and just be yourself on a daily basis. I'd like to think that I always wear my invisible crown because I try to always be confident and always stand up for what I think is right and not let what anybody says get me down. I think a celebrity that always wears their invisible crown is Christina Aguilera because no matter what her weight is at the moment or what the tabloids are saying about her she is always confident, she never lets what anybody says get to her. And she is just an amazing person and a great role model for girls. For a teen girl that isn't confident that wishes to be confident what I would say is when you're getting dressed in the morning don't let the fear of what other people might say get int he way of what you actually want to wear. A hairstyle that works best with a crown or tiara I think we should look at Cinderella the main princess, for her tiara bun kind of thing going on, I think a bun would look great behind a crown. Something that instantly makes me feel confident is false eye lashes cause you don't wear them on a daily basis and whenever you do have them on its like whoa my eyes are there and their cool and my lashes are long. You can just freely bat your eyelashes. A prom Queen moment for me was when I won homecoming princess my junior year and homecoming queen my senior year. It was awesome because I got to do a dance in with my boyfriend  and I got my crown which I still have, I stack them neatly in a corner in my room and its just, just awesome to see my prize possessions. A time that I look back on where I wish I was wearing my invisible crown was definitely middle school as a whole because I was just kind of all over the place in middle school, I just had a lot of problems with bullies and it wasn't a great time so I wish I just could have you know kind of kept more to myself and was confident enough to march to the beat of my own drum and be who I was. My favorite outfit to wear my invisible crown with is definitely the outfits I wear to school because school is a place where you need to be wearing your invisible crown. I thinks its great to have confidence in school and that will make you succeed in whatever you do, friends, socially especially academically. I'm Hayley PromGirl's brand ambassador and remember to always wear your invisible crown.