Brand Ambassador Tiara Confessionals Video

View PromGirl Prom Brand Ambassadors and employees as they share what "Always Wear Your Invisible Crown" means to them!  PromGirls have all sorts of different ideas on confidence and these insider views are just a few ideas of how we wear our invisible crowns.  From your dream dress to our empowering motto, we have you covered for every special occasion.

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To me, what "always wear your invisible crown" means is to always strut your stuff no matter the occasion.  If you're wearing sweat pants or a prom dress, to always embrace your uniqueness and your confidence and always be yourself.


Be a queen in your own way and to always wear it and to be classy and confident and to exude that in your every day endeavors, so I love that phrase.


I think confidence is really important to me and sort of this idea of the invisible crown it's sort of like you're wearing it everyday so you're sort of impacting others lives and your own life everyday so you should just make the most of it.


"Always wear your invisible crown" means to me, confidence.  Whether you are walking into a room with a sequin prom dress or jeans and a t-shirt that you have confidence and everyone knows that you have arrived.


"Wearing our invisible crown" means living everyday like it's prom.


It means killing it on the dance floor even if that dance floor is an office or a classroom.