2013 Fashion Show Tiara Confessionals Video

View PromGirl models and fashion show guests as they share their "tiara confessionals" - hear what "Always Wear Your Invisible Crown" means to them!

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Hi, I'm Annalaina! To me "wearing your invisible crown" means having confidence and knowing your self worth and not comparing yourself to others! Just doing you and loving yourself for who you are!


Hi! I'm Paige Spara!


I'm Chelsea Gilligan!


What "my invisible crown" means to me is to always laugh at myself and experience as much as I can!


Yes! What "my invisible crown" means to me is no matter what no matter how you look - size, complexion, hair color, you are beautiful! Be comfortable in your own skin and you rock it!


Hi! My name is Nubia and to me "wearing your invisible crown" means being yourself, being true to yourself no matter how crazy anyone thinks you are! Just always be true to yourself!


My name is Christine and what "wearing my invisible crown" means is having the power to achieve any goal I set for myself!