PromGirl Models & Makeup Artists Invisible Crown Video

View the backstage interviews at the PromGirl 2013 Prom Dress Fashion Show Extravaganza where models and makeup artists join us to share what wearing their invisible crown means to them!

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Hi, my name is Grace St. John and I'm here with PromGirl. "Always wear your invisible crown" means to me being an individual and praising that while realizing you are special because of it. Just be confident no matter what your doing!


Hi, my name is Emma Newsom and "always wearing your invisible crown" means just being proud of who you are! Being proud of where you come from, being proud of what you want to do one day, be proud of yourself. Be confident. Be your unique self. Don't be afraid! Your beautiful!


Hi, my name is Donna Kim and I'm from and I did all of the makeup here for the fashion show today. When I think of "wearing your invisible crown," it means to stay true to who you are at all time and always being graceful.


Hi I'm Saria Chen, my "invisible crown" means to me if your confident, just being yourself, don't fake and follow the things that aren't the real you. Be nice to everyone and smile all day! Thanks!


Hey, I'm Pepper Pastor with Loreal Professional Backstage at the amazing PromGirl event. My visible crown to me is about beauty and confidence and always being confident everyday all day!


Hi, my name is Hannah Tucker! My "invisible crown" means to me being able to be thrown at any situation, any time and doing it with style and confidence as well!