and Sephora Ultimate Prom Giveaway Winner #3 Video

On April 1, 2012 Ximoi Espinosa from Etters, PA was chosen as the third lucky winner of our Ultimate Prom Giveaway!  Xiomi was accompanied by her mom and best friend to New York City where she received the ultimate Prom treatment at Sephora before starring in her own photo shoot.

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I picked this dress because I love all the colors on it and it goes with my personality, out there kind of personality. The lady at Sephora was really nice and showed me how to put the makeup on and told me what she was doing when she putting it on and stuff. The promgirl warehouse there was aisle and aisles and aisles of dresses and it was awesome to just go up every single aisle and just look at every single dress that they had, it took awhile but it was definitely worth it. It was like a girl's paradise in that warehouse. The people here are really nice at the promgirl studio and Greg is awesome he's the sweetest guy ever and I liked meeting everybody and going out to dinner and I felt really welcomed here.