and Sephora Ultimate Prom Giveaway Winner #4 Video

On May 1, 2012 and Sephora announced the fourth and final winner of the Ultimate Prom Giveaway 2012 as Cazmere McMillian from Flint, MI! Cazmere was flown to New York City, accompanied by her grandmother and best friend for the ultimate Prom treatment at Sephora. She then went on the prom shopping spree of her life at the PromGirl warehouse. She ended her stay in New York City after starring in her own professional photo shoot at the PromGirl Photo Studio!

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My experience at Sephora was fun because I have never had makeup on before so it was new and exciting. I love my makeover because it gives me a different look without looking too like a Barbie doll. The warehouse was everything I expected and more maybe because like of all the rows in it and I didn't expect it to be as long. The dresses some were like not for me but then the rest, like I found some that were kind of like perfect for me, like the one I'm wearing now. My most favorite experience would probably be the makeover and picking out dresses. I chose this dress because I like it, it pops out its different than anything else I've seen. I am ready for prom 2012 thanks to Sephora and