and Sephora Ultimate Prom Giveaway Winner #1 Video

On January 1, 2012 and Sephora launched The Ultimate Prom Giveaway! The first lucky winner was announced on February 1, 2012! Congratulations to Alexis Tyler from Tucson, AZ!

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My favorite PromGirl experience was getting to see the city and going down to the really cool warehouse with all the cool dresses and meeting all these people in New York and just being able to do this with family and my best friend. I decided this dress because it's really kind of classy, but very modern and it's really shiny and I like the color blue. My makeover made me feel like a princess. I've never gotten my makeup done by anybody professional and I told the guy of some of what I wanted and he knew exactly what it was that I wanted and I thought that it turned out really beautiful. I want to that PromGirl for giving me this amazing experience to go to New York and to do something different and this is definitely going to help my senior prom to make it just a really good experience, so thank you!